Our Partners

BTN Partners
BTN Partners

If you would like to know more about The Brain Tumor Network's partners, or if you are a medical professional interested in becoming a partner, please call us at 904.395.5220 or toll free at 844.286.6110.

The Brain Tumor Network's partners: strong relationships... stronger results

Through our common roots with The Sontag Foundation, The Brain Tumor Network has formed a robust national network of over 25 medical professional partners with expertise in treating and caring for patients diagnosed with brain tumors. This group of health care practitioners across the United States includes:

  • neurosurgeons
  • neuro-oncologists
  • neuropathologists
  • other health care providers who specialize in the treatment of brain cancers​

These skilled volunteers donate their time to BTN to assist the network in an advisory capacity.

Centers of Excellence

Our partners are focused on the treatment of brain tumors and achieving the most beneficial outcome for every patient.  Most of these professionals practice their discipline within “Centers of Excellence”, where their work represents outstanding leadership, best practices and the highest levels of technology in the country. In fact, many are also involved in brain tumor-related medical research.

BTN values its partners as trusted allies who provide expertise in treating and caring for patients diagnosed with brain tumors.  By providing thoughtful information about patient-specific treatment plans, they help improve the lives of brain tumor patients and their loved ones. BTN’s network will continue to grow as the field evolves and expands.

Whereas The Brain Tumor Network’s partners are medical professionals actively engaged in the neuro-oncology community at medical institutions throughout the USA, it is important to note that BTN is not affiliated with any institution or hospital.