What we do

What we do
What We Do

To find out how BTN can help you in your search for information about the latest advancements in brain tumor therapy, call us at 904.395.5220 or 844.286.6110 or submit a consultation request online.

What we do for you:  Access BTN's vast network of information

At the Brain Tumor Network (BTN), we take great pride in what we do.  We strive to serve as a free, reliable source of information for patients and their loved ones in the United States with questions about brain tumor therapy.

Our network offers tools and information about primary brain tumor therapy options in the USA. Though we will not advise a treatment strategy, BTN will help address the questions associated with these options so that a patient may engage in productive discussions with his or her health care provider.

Your questions may include: 

  • As someone with limited experience with brain cancer, how do I get the assistance I need from the appropriate sources?
  • Where do I begin to seek information that will help me initiate conversations about brain tumor treatment options with medical providers?
  • How do I uncover specific information about newly developed or experimental treatments or clinical trials?

New brain cancer clinical trials are emerging. Our goal is to ensure that each patient has timely access to the latest advancements in brain tumor therapy. Since primary brain tumors are a relatively rare form of cancer, physicians in local community settings often have less experience and fewer resources in treating the various types of tumors. The Brain Tumor Network seeks to make information about the latest advancements more widely available.