Brain Tumor Types And Treatment

Brain Tumor
Types And Treatment
Brain Tumor Types and Treatments

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Identifying tumors and exploring brain tumor treatment opportunities.

Before considering brain tumor treatment options, it is important to know which of the more than 120 types of brain tumors you are dealing with, as well as location and origin.

The Brain Tumor Network serves to help you gain clear, relevant information about potential treatments so you can have productive discussions with your physicians.

There are many factors that help determine brain tumor treatment.  In addition to type, grade and location of the tumor, physicians also evaluate your overall health, determine if the tumor can be removed surgically, and whether the brain cancer is a recurrence.

No matter where you are in your brain tumor diagnosis or treatment journey, if you live in the United States, BTN will investigate newly developed and experimental treatments unique to your diagnosis, so that you will have the most current information available.