Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine
for Brain Tumor
Personalized Medicine

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Personalizing your search for brain tumor treatment.

Each brain tumor diagnosis is unique, so it stands to reason that the recommended course of treatment could be as well.

By taking into account the diagnosis plus the treatment and medical histories, The Brain Tumor Network can help streamline the process of searching for treatment options for you or your loved one. At BTN we customize our services to meet your unique needs, so we’re able to identify the most advantageous and relevant medical personalized information for your case.

BTN recognizes that the first line of therapy for patients includes “standard of care.”

“Standard of care” is defined by the National Cancer Institute as:

“Treatment that is accepted by medical experts as a proper treatment for a certain type of disease and that is widely used by health professionals. Also called best practice, standard medical care and standard therapy.”

BTN does not suggest that patients forgo standard of care. Some patients and their care providers choose to explore treatments in addition to standard of care or after standard of care has been provided.  When requested, BTN can help seek personalized treatment information.

Exploring Clinical Trials

If you live in the United States, BTN will help you explore personalized treatment options by evaluating clinical trials available for brain tumor patients. This can be a tedious and frustrating task for individuals who do not have medical backgrounds.

BTN simplifies the process for you by customizing searches based on each patient’s diagnosis, treatment history, and relevant aspects of medical history. Using a personalized medicine approach to clinical trial sorts also takes into consideration the patient’s geographic location, as well as their ability and desire to travel. BTN will provide information on relevant personalized treatment options and/or clinical trials you may wish to consider with your physician.

Brain Tumor Molecular Profiling

The incorporation of molecular profiling information into patient care is beginning to change the way physicians make decisions about brain tumor treatment options. When appropriate, BTN will assist you in arranging diagnostic testing to obtain molecular profile results of the tumor tissue. BTN will communicate the results with your physician who will then help choose the best plan of treatment for you or your loved one.

BTN can assist you in obtaining brain tumor specimen analysis if the following criteria are met:

       a) There is adequate brain tumor tissue available
       b) There is sufficient time to receive results before treatment must begin
       c) A treating physician deems that the results could inform treatment decisions