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Our Mission  

BTN’s mission is to provide compassionate and personalized high-touch navigation to adult patients and caregivers in the United States who seek information about treatment options for primary brain tumors beyond the standard of care.

We understand that making decisions about treatment without additional guidance can be overwhelming. In a short time, you are called upon to make critical choices that will affect your future.

BTN will assist with:
  • seeking second opinions
  • identifying brain cancer treatment centers
  • conducting a personalized search for clinical trials and providing results for you to discuss with your physician
  • providing other treatment-related information
  • providing high-touch navigation to you and your family throughout the course of this disease

It is important to realize that the Brain Tumor Network does not make treatment recommendations; we will equip you with treatment-related information personalized to your needs. It is vital that you work with your medical team to determine the best course of treatment for you. Once decisions are made, BTN will continue to provide personalized navigation. BTN also assists medical providers in identifying additional treatment options for brain cancer patients who have been treated with standard protocols.

Our services are provided at no cost to you, your loved ones and caregivers, or to your healthcare providers.