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BTN's high-touch patient navigation approach: 

The BTN Team strives to provide the utmost in patient-centered support by providing individuals, their care providers, and their families with easily accessible, high-touch patient navigation services. We recognize that each individual comes to BTN with a unique set of needs, concerns, goals, and hopes. Our team of navigators will meet you where you are on your individual path, equipping you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions regarding your care.

The patient navigation model is foundational to the services BTN provides. The goal of this model of care is to alleviate or eliminate the barriers that exist to patients accessing timely services and to fully understanding their treatment related options. When faced with a brain tumor diagnosis, patients and families oftentimes feel lost in the plethora of information provided to them at a time when the stress of a diagnosis is high. Our team will help you dissect this information and the resources available to you to design an informed plan of care wherever you are on your treatment journey.

The Brain Tumor Network team believes that patient-centered care can be fully extended when patients are actively involved in their care and equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions. Oftentimes this starts with a conversation. Our hope is that our personalized navigation services will help facilitate open communication with your family and your care team to help you make the best treatment related decisions specific to your unique needs.

BTN’s unbiased services and support are available free of cost to individuals residing in the United States.

We stand ready to assist you.