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The Brain Tumor Network is a resource for health care professionals in the United States.

The Brain Tumor Network team strives to help healthcare professionals and their colleagues extend patient centered care through open conversations regarding a patient’s individualized treatment needs and goals. Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, and Allied Health Professionals from across the nation reach out to BTN to help their patients explore treatment related options beyond the standard of care. Our multidisciplinary team carefully assesses the “whole” patient, and then equips them with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions regarding their care. We understand how daunting it can be when patients and their caregivers begin to sift through the plethora of valid and questionable information that exists regarding their brain tumor diagnosis. BTN is not a health care provider. Instead, BTN is committed to connecting patients with personalized treatment-related information and navigating patients to physicians across the nation.

Since primary brain tumors are a relatively rare form of cancer, The Brain Tumor Network makes information about the latest advancements more widely available. Furthermore, new brain tumor clinical trials are emerging. Our goal is to ensure that each patient has timely access to the latest advancements in brain tumor treatment. Our services can empower your patients with the information they need to make informed treatment related decisions.

Through our common roots with The Sontag Foundation, The Brain Tumor Network established relationships with a robust network of neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists and other health care providers throughout the United States. The network continues to grow to meet the needs of patients we assist. Numerous experts in the field volunteer their time to BTN in an advisory capacity.

What Resources Does The Brain Tumor Network Offer Health Care Professionals?

  • Extending Patient Centered Care:

Using the patient navigation model to care, we facilitate open dialogue regarding a patient’s unique needs and their treatment related goals. Our process starts with a conversation which carefully assesses each individual’s biopsychosocial needs.

  • Second Opinions and Consultation:

Through expanding relationships with physicians across the country, Brain Tumor Network is able to facilitate consultations or second opinions at NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers and other Centers of Excellence for patients with newly diagnosed, progressive, or recurrent primary brain tumors. With your knowledge and input as a referring physician, some aspects of your patient’s care could be managed at a Center of Excellence while other aspects of care would continue to be provided and monitored by you. We stand ready to work with you in every scenario for the benefit of your patient’s health care outcomes.

  • Enhanced Diagnostics and Molecular Profiling:

The Brain Tumor Network understands that incorporation of molecular profiling information into patient care is beginning to change the way physicians make decisions about brain tumor treatment options. When appropriate, BTN will help you arrange diagnostic services to determine a clinically relevant molecular profile of the individual patient’s tumor and will use this information to explore treatment options. Our navigators will also help your patients explore financial assistance programs, if their insurance does not cover molecular testing.

  • Patient Tracking and Privacy:

Brain Tumor Network will, with patient consent, track outcomes to identify trends and patterns which may be used for research and to review and improve the availability of treatment resources for future patients with brain tumors. BTN will maintain this information in an aggregate database which will NOT include any patient identifying information. BTN will contact your office periodically to request outcome information for your patient.

From our multidisciplinary team to yours, BTN is honored to serve as an unbiased, free resource for patients impacted by a primary brain tumor diagnosis from across the nation as well as their care providers. It is important to note that BTN does not receive funding from any medical institutions or pharmaceutical companies.