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Assisting healthcare providers with additional resources

Your patient's brain tumor diagnosis is life-altering in many ways. If treatment options have been exhausted within your network, or if a patient would like to consider treatment options beyond standard of care, Brain Tumor Network is ready to assist you and your patient. It is important to note that BTN does not receive any funding from pharmaceutical companies or medical institutions, nor has it entered into any agreements with those entities. Our navigation services are completely unbiased. Learn more about the services BTN can provide including navigation to second opinions within your patient's insurance network and personalized clinical trial searches. BTN will provide a list of relevant trials for your review and will help coordinate next steps for trials you feel would be appropriate for your patient.

BTN's services are provided at no cost to patients and care providers. The information you receive from BTN will be personalized to a patient's tumor type, medical history, and individual needs. Please submit the Consultation Request below. You should expect to hear back from BTN within 1 business day of your request.

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