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Learn About Brain Tumors and Brain Tumor Treatment

The information in this section is intended to explain to patients about brain tumors in general, types of brain tumors, available treatments, helpful resources, and how BTN will work with you to investigate options for a personalized treatment regimen.

  • About Brain Tumors
    Learn fundamental definitions of what a brain tumor is, how they're classified, their causes, and how to find more information about particular tumor types.
  • Personalizing Medicine
    Every brain tumor is unique, and every treatment plan should be as well. Learn about clinical trial options and molecular profiling that may provide your case with additional treatment options.
  • Resource Library
    Get access to additional helpful links, providing information on everything from tumor information, nutrition, financial assistance, and caregiver information.
  • Support Groups
    Learn how to connect to a support network.
  • News
    Find out about the latest research developments, treatment options, and updates from the Brain Tumor Network.