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August, 2017:

Yesterday, members of the Brain Tumor Network (BTN) team attended the Florida Policy Forum on Clinical Trials presented by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. From physicians and allied health professionals to politicians and policy makers; participants tackled difficult conversations about the current cancer burden across the state and the necessity of clinical trial participation to help lessen this burden.

Results of this open dialogue revealed that there are critical factors which, for years, have impacted clinical trial participation across the nation. One of these factors is a lack of education. Most individuals impacted by cancer simply do not know clinical trial participation is an option. Furthermore, physicians oftentimes do not have current information regarding open and enrolling clinical trials specific to a disease site. Lack of adequate health insurance, transportation, lodging, or financial resources may also create significant barriers to care.  

The Brain Tumor Network team stands ready to help individuals impacted by a primary brain cancer diagnosis from across the nation explore treatment related options including clinical trial participation. Our team of patient navigation specialists can help you investigate currently recruiting trials, in addition to exploring resources which may help alleviate the barriers that exist to accessing care.

Contact our team, toll free, at 844.286.6110 if you would like help exploring your options.  

Learn more about conclusions from the Florida Policy Forum on Clinical Trials here.