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Brain Tumor Network is Proud to Partner with NCI-CONNECT

The Brain Tumor Network is excited to announce its participation in a new program at the National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research, Neuro-Oncology Branch called NCI-CONNECT (Comprehensive Oncology Network Evaluating Rare CNS Tumors). The program aims to advance the understanding of rare adult central nervous system (CNS) cancers by establishing and fostering patient-advocacy-provider partnerships and networks to improve approaches to care and treatment.

BTN is proud to partner with NCI-CONNECT to facilitate engagement with patients with select rare brain tumors and provide NCI-CONNECT educational and clinical trial information to patients. NCI-CONNECT goals are to:  

  • Develop an infrastructure across a network of national and international sites to study select rare CNS tumors.
  • Collect, analyze, and share data to promote discovery and improve understanding of select rare CNS tumors.
  • Use the network to facilitate the translation of discoveries into new therapies and methods to improve patient outcomes.

NCI-CONNECT is focusing on 12 rare brain and spine tumors. You can view the list of tumor types here. It has available clinical studies listed on its website here, along with other ways to participate. 

NCI-CONNECT is a program supported by the Cancer Moonshot℠. To learn more: