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Personalizing your search for brain tumor treatment.

Each brain tumor diagnosis is unique, so it stands to reason that the recommended course of treatment should be as well.

The goal of Personalized Medicine is to tailor medical treatment to the individual needs, characteristics, and preferences of a patient for treatment throughout the continuum of care. By taking into account a patient's specific diagnosis and personal medical history, Brain Tumor Network will help streamline the process of searching for treatment options for you or your loved one. At BTN we take your unique needs into account to better identify the most relevant treatment information and resources for your situation.

BTN does not suggest that patients forgo standard of care. Some patients and their care providers choose to explore treatments in addition to standard of care or after standard of care has been provided. When requested, BTN will help navigate patients to personalized treatment information.

BTN Facilitates Personalized Medicine in the Following Ways:

  1. Exploring Treatment Goals
  2. Exploring Clinical Trial Participation
  3. Exploring Brain Tumor Molecular Profiling
  4. Exploring the Latest Advancements in Brain Tumor Treatment

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