Our Process

Our Process: BTN's Informational Services
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If you are ready to learn more about our process and how The Brain Tumor Network can help you, call us at 904.395.5220 or toll free 844.286.6110
between 8:00am – 4:30pm EST or click below.

The Brain Tumor Network provides free patient-specific informational services for residents of the United States whether you seek a brain cancer treatment center or information about getting a second opinion, or want to evaluate your options for clinical trials and other treatment regimines. Our process involves helping you:
  • Understand the free informational services BTN provides for brain tumor patients
  • Define your expectations
  • Gauge your interest in exploring standard of care treatment options, clinical trials or other experimental protocols
  • Explore your insurance coverage as it relates to specific options
  • Access the information you need to discuss possible care and treatment options with your medical provider