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BTN provides compassionate navigation services and meaningful support.

The Brain Tumor Network strives to ease the pressure of facing the challenging diagnosis of a primary brain tumor for adults living in the United States. You and your loved ones will gain meaningful support at a time you need it most with the support of family and friends, information and knowledge from expert organizations, support groups, social networks and online communities.

Our professional navigators are here to help provide you with a more complete understanding of the treatment options available to you. BTN Navigator's will utilize your relevant medical history and identify the full array of treatment options available for your disease set. Equipped with this information and connections from our network, you and your physician can explore identified options to build a more comprehensive treatment plan. It is important to note that BTN does not make treatment recommendations or practice medicine.

Every patient's circumstances are different, and BTN strives to provide personalized navigation for each specific case. Learn more about our process, find out what your next steps might be or to request a consultation from our expert navigators.