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Your tumor treatment journey begins with BTN.

"Where do I begin?" is often the question asked by individuals after they've been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Searching the internet for treatment options that best benefit your tumor type or seeking different health care providers without references are not usually the most effective ways to proceed. Understandably, you don't want to waste valuable time searching for answers without the right guidance, nor do you want to risk the implications of making an uninformed decision.

Take advantage of BTN's free, personalized navigation services.

The Brain Tumor Network is a valuable resource for primary brain tumor patients in the United States. You will be relieved to know that BTN does NOT receive funding from any pharmaceutical companies or medical institutions.  Our services are completely unbiased.  We also do not make treatment recommendations, but we do provide the information you need to enter into shared decision-making with your physicians.

Now that you have found the Brain Tumor Network, you can begin to develop an informed plan of action. Our Navigators have the experience to connect you to viable resources and help you initiate important conversations with medical providers. We also have the tools and resources to identify newly developed treatments and clinical trials.

Step 1: We Want to Hear Your Story

In order to shape our services to meet your navigation needs, BTN will need to know more about your specific medical history.

Step 2: Work with Your Navigator to Explore the Full Breadth of BTN’s Services

  • Wherever you are in the course of living with this disease, BTN’s Navigators will enter into a relationship with you, personalize navigation to your needs, and continue to provide services as needed.
  • Answer questions about YOUR diagnosis and explain treatment regimens in understandable terms.
  • Assist you in locating physicians with expertise in brain tumor treatments – close to home or nationwide.
  • Investigate treatment options taking into consideration your insurance coverage and geographic preferences.
  • Facilitate consultations/second opinions.
  • Conduct a Personalized Clinical Trial Search to discuss with your physician; BTN will also assist with next steps and logistics
  • Connect you or your loved one with support services throughout the continuum of care
  • Equip you for shared decision-making
  • Facilitate access to quality care throughout survivorship

Step 3: BTN Will Help You Collect and Organize Your Medical Records

In order for Brain Tumor Network to have access to accurate medical information to help you explore treatment options specific to your current situation, your navigator will ask you to sign the Brain Tumor Network HIPAA Authorization for Release of Information.


  • Records of all related visits from onset of brain tumor symptoms leading up to diagnosis and treatment
  • Pathology reports
  • Surgical reports
  • Physician treatment notes
  • Reports from your brain scans/MRIs as well as a disk with your scans
  • Radiation and chemotherapy records

Step 4: Explore Your Treatment Options

Now is the time to engage the assistance of a navigator:  Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or if you are concerned that your tumor may have progressed/recurred.

After reviewing your medical records your BTN Navigator will begin examining available treatments and help identify potential options relevant to your personal medical history and preferences regarding treatment types, ability to travel, and insurance parameters. Your BTN Navigator will identify relevant  options for you to explore with your care provider who will help you develop a treatment plan. Once that plan is established, BTN will provide the navigation needed to help you access that care.

Step 5: Stay in Touch

The Brain Tumor Network cares about you and the journey you face. That is why our process is focused on providing you the personalized navigation resources you need at each critical time point. No matter what your treatment needs, BTN will continue to help you navigate this challenging journey. 

Brain Tumor Network is the answer to your question, "Where do I begin?"