Compassionate Services.
Meaningful Support.

Brain Tumor Support Group of Northeast Florida meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10 am - Noon at FSCJ's Deerwood Campus.  Call BTN at 904.395.5220 or 844.286.6110 or email kverble at to learn more about how BTN provides support in our home community.

For a brain tumor patient or a loved one facing this life-altering condition, emotional and informational support is essential.

The Brain Tumor Network strives to ease the pressure of facing the challenging diagnosis of a primary brain tumor for adults living in the United States. With the support of family and friends, information and knowledge from expert organizations, support groups, social networks and online communities, you or your loved one can gain meaningful support at a time you need it most. 

The American Cancer Society maintains a nationwide listing of support groups and other resources in or near your community for cancer survivors, caregivers and family members.

Beyond Our Network

The Brain Tumor Network's services exist specifically to provide personalized information about treatment options, but we realize that an important part of your treatment journey includes accessing compassionate services and meaningful support beyond clinical resources.

Because each brain tumor patient’s needs are different, The Brain Tumor Network has compiled a helpful list of links to organizations that can connect you or your loved ones to a variety of support groups, online communities, and additional helpful information through reliable sources outside of our network: